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Referencing Star Trek might be a bit over the top. What we want to say is – crafting visionary concepts means stretching the limits of thinking and really exploring the boundaries of what is possible. Like the crew of the Enterprise.

Real innovations don’t come over night. Thinking ahead requires a structured, intense, iterative process of researching, identifying and testing new ideas. Which is why we have created exactly that: a think tank within our company.

Introducing the


The #FutureOpsLab is a structured approach to identify, research and design concepts for the future of airline and airport operations. Mostly reasonable, sometimes crazy. Always a source of actionable innovations.

How it works – and what it isn’t

It’s no new building. No start-up-style ‘incubator’. It’s our people collecting and developing concepts that can help airlines and airports get ready for the future, beyond our current projects.

A structured exchange of thoughts, a routine of screening the market and stretching the limits of traditional thinking. It’s talking to tech companies and universities, visiting space agencies and military organizations, drone operators, VR start-ups and IT innovators to assess if what they do can help you some day.

And it’s openly sharing what we find with you, online, within current projects or at airline industry events.

Book your personal

#FutureOps Bootcamp

If you’d love to infuse your own thoughts on airline operations with visionary concepts fresh from our lab, we come over to your place and help you explore what the future of airline operations can look like for you.

Write to bootcamp@aviationexperts.aero to kick off your individual #FutureOps Bootcamp.

Fresh from the Lab


Anna Lahnstein